Nothing much to say. Been kinda busy recently. And, I am going to run my own business very soon :D please keep updated peeps !



Where are you when I needed you the most?

sometimes you'll feel like you worth less than a video game.



I love this song to the max.. I don't know what's the meaning of this song until I googled it and watched the video. The song sounds sad, so does the music video. Thanks to you who let me know such good song :)

i need more

heyyy :)

I'm freaking sleepy at the moment. I think i didn't get enough sleep recently.. And this stomachache is killing for real. But I have no choice but to continue doing my job. I hope I'll settle them soon :D

I miss my life in China like hell. I miss how I woke up in a morning breeze, took a shower and dry my hair, spent a few minutes in front a mirror to see which coat i'll pick for the day, put my boots on and I'm ready to explore. I miss to spend some nights alone in my little tiny room, and some night at friends. Some cafes with live musics just reminded me how life was so easy back then. Bought a can of soft drink, sat on a random rock besides a beach and listen to the waves. Went to a small island called GulangYu in the morning, and back to Xiamen at night. Bought some local delicacies and enjoyed them while walking down through the busiest street in Xiamen. It is not the fanciest city, but I like it so much. I hope that next year I'll be able to visit there again..


i think i'm in


it's you.

It's not time to find Prince Charming anymore.

It's time to find myself my Mr. Right.

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