Something has already stopped me from updating this blog. Just don't ask me why. I don't even know why.


I'll upload some pics here. Enjoy (:


Jun n Xtin

dkerjain sama bule yg di belakang T_T

Old Melb Jail

Melb Central

Ayam Balado enakkk

Ikan Balado

Teh Kotak in Melbourne

St Paul's Cathedral. Beautiful..

Blue Sky

View from plane

I'll update more later on. I haven't transfer the rest of it to the computer.

I somehow miss doughnuts~

Unspeakable Trip 2,3,4 and 5

The next day in Melbie. We had our lunch in Blok M, which is an Indonesian Restaurant. As usual, the portion is damn big ! After that, I went shopping to Myer, which is on sale.. I was just like rush inside to see what's discounted HAHA. What's couldn't be forgotten is to camwh*re everywhere. LOL. After taking some pics, we're heading to State Library, which is sooo beautiful.. After taking pics (again), we chased City Circle, which is like a tram but it's a free service. It brings you to a certain places only. We went to Docklands and we could saw the sunset from there. (:

After a freezing walk there, we went back home, get ready to have our dinner at Nobu Restaurant, located in Crown. Crown is widely known as a casino as well. Nobu is a fine dining Japanese restaurant. The food there is great, and u can never imagine the price.. I think I should just eat rice for the next 3 weeks T_T. After that we took a walk to the 'Ghost Rider' bridge, which they shot the scene there. It's a tiring day, and I had a good sleep that day. Thanks for a wonderful day. (:

I just noticed that what i mostly do in here is eat, eat and eat.. I think i gained weight. I dunno whether I should be happy or sad. I still wanna be the previous skinny me. LOL. Today, me, And, Cin, Jun & Xtin had our brunch in Dragon Boat restaurant, which is a dim sum buffet restaurant. We're lost in direction, dunno where to go. Then we passed by the Australian Jail, and prefer to visit it. When i first stepped in, there is a souvenir shop. What a cool jail ! LOL The building inside is very artistic. It's not a real jail, of course. It is just an old jail that has not been used anymore. We were wow-ed, camwh*red as usual. Then we're led to another place called Police Watch House, which is another jail. Inside there, we'd been punked by the so-called-police officer.. He asked guys and girls to line up in a different row, and we're locked in a jail.. He asked some question and we have to answer everything followed by "Yes Sergeant" thing.. LOL It was fun tho.

I'm tired. Hang on.


At night, I made a dinner appointment with Billie, Tika, Xyng and Ake. They were my classmates when I was in Medan. We had dinner in Nandos. After the dinner, we went to have a coffee break in San Churro. I was so happy to meet them, hope i can hang out with them again (:

I was craving for Ramen suddenly, so we had our lunch in Ajisen Ramen. After lunch, we went to Dockland again, but for shopping this time, There's a lot of Factory outlet there. OMG, I dunno how much i spent for shoes and coats and skirt and cloth. LOL. I spent almost the whole day there. At night, the 1610 gank (me, and, cin, jun n xtin) went to Sofia to have our dinner. It is an Italian restaurant, OMG again the portion of the pasta and the pizza here is ENORMOUS lol. And the ice cream.. It was BIG. Sofia is located in suburb, so we had to catch up the train to reach there. It was freezing as well. It makes me became a beast right now.. My skin cannot cope with the cold weather here T_T

Nothing much to say. I went to QV's food court to had lunch, and went to grocery to buy some food for dinner and headed back home, and I'm here, sitting in front the computer typing like hell LOL and watching him studying.. He will have his last paper for the sem tomorrow. After that, he will accompany me to shop again HAHAHHAH

I'm tired.. Yet it's fun to be here. I miss Malaysia somehow, especially the food LOL. I miss sate padang, ayam penyet.. OMG i should stop thinking of those stuffs.

C ya in the next post (:

Unspeakable Trip 1.

Here goes my official first blog in Melbourne.. I arrived on 26th june, 7 in the morning. It was 6 degrees outside. I couldn't really sleep when i was on the plane, so i decided to take a nap first before i begin my holiday ! (: At about 2pm, i went to take my lunch in a place called Dessert House. I ordered Lemongrass chicken, and when my order came, i was so shocked to see the portion here. It's damn big.. Unluckily I didn't take a pic of it.

After i have the very fulfilling lunch, me, And, Cin n Jun went to have a walk along Swanston st and take pictures, meanwhile we're waiting for Jun's gf, Christin. We took lotsa pic which i will post it later on. We visited Flinders St Station, where i finally saw it by my own which i used to only see it on the chocolate box or stuff.. LOL. After the last walk to Yarra River, we were heading to Queen Victoria (QV). We had a break in Max Brenner, which is like the chocolate heaven.. I was like so crazy to see all of the chocolates they sell.. HAHA. I had a cup of American Marshmallow Chocolate. It's nice.. It's so pricey as well. *swt

We headed back home to take a rest, and we're having our dinner in Ying Thai Restaurant, which is a Thai restaurant. It is located in Lygon st. We met Calvin and Louise there. I really wanna tell you guys what did we ate there, but sorry i couldn't recall all the Thai's food name and i didn't take any pic as well. HAHA. After having our spicy fulfilling finger-licking dinner, we went back home again, dressed-up, and we're ready to hit a party in a club called Eve. I had 2 glass of liquor which I dunno the name. After a very nice party in a very cold weather, we went back home and I was soooo exhausted.. It's only day one and it's fun here !

Something that you guys might not know about Melb (Winson is probably mention some of this in his blog. Take a walk !):
1. It's only first day, and i've already seen
2 COUPLES OF LESBIANS here.. OMFG. They made out anywhere anytime.. LOL

2. McD's fries here is better than in Malaysia, seriously.. I think i would like to get one each day HAHA

3. It's freaking cold outside, yet a lot of Australian chicks hold to a belief, which is in Hokkien we said "Ai Sui Mai Mia", means they prefer fashion than their life. LOLOL. The chicks here wear like almost nothing when it's like 5 degrees out there.

4. One thing that quite shocked me is each Australians must only take a shower in 4 minutes ! I said 'must' because Australian water restriction kinda thing. I dun understand how they get cleaned up in 4minutes. Damn.. Don't worry, i will still take a longer time to take my shower. LOL.

5. The portion of the food is damn big. It's so expensive, yet so fulfilling. Lotsa varieties of food is available.

6. Australians do a lot of walking, or else they will take a tram to go to their destination.

7. There's a lot of street artists, which are so amazing to me. They think of ways to make money, in a good way.

That's pretty much about Melbourne on the first day. I will update my second day trip soon.

Happy holiday everyone! (:

Trip 0.

Melbourne ! Finally i'm here.. There's a lot to tell, yet i don't have enough time to update my blog frequently. But i will once i get the chance. (:

hari yg biasa2 saja

Mood gw seharian kemana yah ? Pas bangun tidur hr ini jg kaga fresh bgt. Kantong mata masih besar bgt (menandakan seharusnya gw blm saatnya bangun), mana gw harus cepet siap2 pergi kerja, harus make seragam kerja baru yg putih kinclong (yg secara kebetulan dan tidak disengaja, jg berukuran besar). Jadilah gw sperti ondel2 ber smokey eyes.

Ngomong2 tentang smokey eyes, gw koq jadi keinget sama smoked salmon. Smoked salmon yg di Sushi King ga enak bgt. Mnding yg di Tenji. Loh loh loh. Mata gw jadi ngelirik ke toples besar berisi butter cookies yg sedang tersenyum manis ke gw. Duh.

Banyak hal2 lucu terjadi di tempat gw kerja(fyi, gw kerja di salah satu resto Jepang di KL). Customer kadang2 mmg aneh tapi nyata (emangnya manusia berwujud ikan pari?). Kemarin ada org Jepang dateng sndrian, ngepit koran di ketek, trs mesen wine sama sashimi. Dia lg megang gelas wine sambil baca koran stelah habisin makanannya. Temen kerja gw nyamperin dia dan mnta izin mo ngangkat piringnya.

Tapi dia ga ngejawab.. Dia diem aja.. Deg deg..

Gw koq jadi takut yah ? Jadi keinget kejadian di komik Bowling King gt... Rasanya si Jepang keracunan makanan deh.. Cukup lama gw berdiri disana ngamatin dia, sampai akhirnya.... Dia.. Dia..

Dia nguap.. Rupanya dia ketiduran.. Buset. Lu kata resto kita resort?? Yah paling gak ada hiburan buat kita2 diantara sumpeknya kerja. (Sebenernya penuh2in list dosa gw aja ketawain dia pas kemaren itu).

Tgl 28 Maret ada event yg namanya Earth Hour. Kita harus matiin lampu selama 1 jam, dari jam 8.30pm sampe 9.30 pm, di belahan dunia manapun.. Padahal jam2 segitu kan lagi banyak2nya acara tv buat org yg ga berniat malam mingguan di luar (baca : bokek !!).

Coba deh bayangin.. Kalo misal kita ga boleh idupin lampu sama televisi, dan kita cuman punya HP yg mudah2an aja msh bisa aktif (karena ga disaranin ngecharge hape jg).Syukur2 masih ada radio (application di hp yg ga seberapa tentunya) yg masih siaran. Eh malah radio favorite gw latah ngikutin Earth Hour. Dalam hati saya mikir, ini radio kayaknya mau menghemat deh, pake2 alibi Earth Hour segala.

Capek. Tidur dl ah.

an unanswered prayer.

Life is something that we have to deal with, no matter what.
may i ask for some ease in life,
especially for those who deserves?

Life is tough. Just deal with it.

Sorry for ignoring my own page for years ! Updates are coming forward =)

voice from a mute girl.

I was thinking so hard, bout what is really happening. Is the fault from my side ? Why my head is only filled by that thing, which is important at least for me, but might not be for u-know-who-u-are ? Did i just waste my time for thinking of this thing, which i know i won't ever be getting that ? I put too much hopes on it already...
Does he even think about me ... ??

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