Trapped in a stranger's mind

Just finished reviewing my old post. I think I wrote better blog those old days than these'... LOL. Something big has changed me, but there is always a possibility of changing myself back (:
p.s/ Nothing is impossible in this world except swallowing you own head.

Ups and Downs in life.

I was born in a very warm yet discipline type of family. I have 2 siblings, which are girls as well. We were taught to settle every problems ourselves, and that formed me to a strong and tough woman, at least that is what my friends said.

"If you want something so bad, pursue it yourself! Pa
can do nothing but support you".
Pa told me that, in a very strict but in an understandable way.

And yes, I can live this life without much complaining. I hate it when people starts to complaint bout the 'not so good' food, dress, even life. I am really aware that there are so many unlucky people here in this earth, and that will always reminds me of how lucky I am to be in this shoes. I seem like a tough girl that will never face any problems in life.

But I am not a superwoman.

Like other ordinary girls out there, I have my breakdown point, and it is right here, right now. I always claimed myself as a life-lover girl, put on that big smile whatever happens. I just forget how to smile again. I remembered few months ago, I decided to 'reset' my life, back to zero, start everything again from there. It wasn't easy at all. The more you try to forget your past, the more you'll be reminded of em. A lot of things happened between a very short period of time, and it changed my whole life.

I need someone who really can understand me. For the time being, there's nothing I can do except keep telling myself, that everything, is going to be better in time. I just don't know how long it takes to heal. I will always try, as hard as i can, to be the previous-strong, tough girl.

p.s/ Sometimes I wish for the D day to come faster.

it's 2010 !

Hmm. My last post was on June. Now is May, the next year. And here I am, ready to talk again. A lot of things happened in one year. A lot of things to be said. Update will be coming soon.
p.s. Life is like a rollercoaster. The track is designed, and it depends on how u ride it. Think it's scary, or take the thrill to an enjoyment !

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