Hope everything will stay as it does..

People say, if there is no meeting, there is no separation.. Omg who the heck created that stupid idiom ? If you didn't meet anybody, how u know ppl, love ppl, make friends ? If you didn't meet ppl, human could not longer be said as a social creature anymore.. That is a thing that ppl couldn't leave behind.. But anyhow and i don't know why.. I hate farewell ! Seems a lot of people is leaving here now.. Why i have to be separated with people who i've just met for a very short time only ? God, can't you make it a bit longer, make me meet them earlier, or maybe, if possible...

Just stop the time for me .. ?

Was it me that didn't use the time properly ? Didn't I enjoy the good time with them ? Maybe I did enjoy it a lot, that makes time also goes by soooo fast. Few days left, and i have to leave everything behind. Memories. Togetherness. Laughter. Sadness. Jokes. All the good and bad we had gone through together.. Please tell me, what else can I do to make it worth ? I really, really don't wanna feel this ! I cried. Tears have just came down so fast, without asking my permission to pass. First night of a realization of what is going to happen for the next few days, I was crying to sleep. When I woke up in the morning, tears came and visited me again. I just couldn't be alone to prevent me to think of the sadness.. I should have something to do then. But still, it didn't help at all.. I keep thinking for this few days.. What should i do in this very limited time ? I think i found the answer.

Time is still there. Make a full use of it.

If i could just have 1 wish right now.. *Please just keep everybody near. I don't want any farewell happen. I just want to spend a lil bit longer time with you. Slower down the time a bit oh God...*

Dear you,

Even though we are going to be separated soon, you have been so special in my heart. Maybe I didn't do anything important to make you remember of me. But a simple 'hi' could grow a lot of things up. All the things we have gone through will stay in me. Time is too short somehow. Or maybe it's just the timing error. We are just haven't been through anything much enough. But those times will repeat, won't it ? Anyway, Everything that we've been through means a lot. Maybe they are just some simple thing such as some chit chat-ing, some joking or poking around. However it wouldn't get out of my mind very easily..

I keep say it to myself,"You are not going to lose them !". But I just couldn't take it to my own real world. How can I repeat the crazy time with you ? How can I re-do what we did, with others ? Nobody ain't going to do it as well as you do ! =). I love you, my friend.



Feel so useless now.
Why my heart has to feel such thing ?
Stupid coz even me myself don't know what is goin on.
The only thing i have to do is :
keep quiet
don't comment on anything
throw away the stupid dream.


For you.

Eight years later
Time goes by fast
Got my memories
And they will lastAlign Center
I try to keep it simple
'Cause I hate goodbyes
I try to keep it simple by
Telling myself that

I will remember you
And all of the things that we've gone through
There is so much I can say
But words get in the way
So if were not together
I will remember you
I will remember you

We're a picture
In my mind
When I want to find you
I just close my eyes
You'll never be that far from me
So don't say goodbye 'cause
You'll never be that far from me
I'm telling myself

I will remember you
And all of the things that we've gone through
There is so much I can say
The words get in the way
So were not together
I will remember you

You were there when I needed a friend
Thank you thank you
I never told you how much that meant
Gotta thank you thank you

I will remember you
And all of the things that we've gone through
There is so much I can say
The words get in the way so

I will remember you
And all of the things that we've gone through
There is so much I can say
The words get in the way
We're not together
I will remember you
We're not together
I will remember you

I will remember... you

*dedicated to u-know-who-u-are.
Hope we can meet again someday. =)

an unimportant post.

How long i haven't been updating my blog ? It's long, i think. I haven't been to anywhere else except for this jail called Sunway.. 20th November was my last exam day, but i couldn't enjoy my holiday just yet, until the judging day... Luckily i passed all my subjects ! But, why am i still stuck here ? Everyday filled only with the routines : work. Even when people were enjoying their party, holiday, im standing there, doin nothing but to see people's laughter, smile, joy. Miss my home ! I took a lil time to go to my private place, thinking of what am i doin here ? Just to be stupid to see people's enjoying their party ? But i just trying to be positive ! Every road to success is always under construction. This is goin to be a very, very important lesson for me.

Ghosts around me...

I was in a bad depression. It seems ghosts are everywhere, haunting me, won't let me go. Tied so tight between uncertainty, scattered life, in a deep agony. I just want to get out from this hell. I don't want to see those ghosts no more. I'm done. I'M DONE ! That's what my heart screamed. I won't ask you whether you could hear it or not. Because, even myself couldn't.

One night, I heard a voice. A very familiar voice which formed words, which i heard very clearly. "I'll pray for u". I stood there, stared at nothing and started to drop some tears. My heart scream at me again,"Helloo !!! u should have do something bout it !". At that point, i knew that i have to work it out to get the hell out of my mind.

Hours by hours, days by days, those groups of ghosts still don't want to get rid of me ! I relied for the prayer from the owner of the voice, for sure, but also don't forget to pray myself. "Everything is going to be alright. Everybody is going to be alright. But how if it is out of my expectation ? How can i cope with that ? How can I face them later on ?". I started to mumbling myself.

I decided to face it with all the courage and energy i have. It wouldn't change anything if I just ran away, because those ghosts would still be there. Just go inside and see, what is really happening then, I said to myself. After taking a deep breath, I went inside and I saw NOTHING. It was hollow. There were nothing that scared me. Those ghosts have ran away from my life . Prayer and encourage from the voice helped me out. Thanks, I mumbled.

P.S. : Special thanks to GOD, Dad and Mom, who've been supporting me, all da time. Thanks for everyone who sincerely gave their deepest support for me. =)

it's summer time !

Holidayyy !!! People do feel differently towards this. Happy is for sure. Some ppl might feel bored bout it (gotcha Febri ! XD ). Me ? I just feel kinda hard to describe this. Bored ? Not exactly. You can say that i have too many unimportant activities out there that makes me looks like a super-busy-business-woman. I don't even have the time to sweep my room floor regularly. LOL. Am i really that 'busy' ? My daily activities are just hang out, eating out, watch movie, and above all, waste money ? Yea why i just think about it now ? =(. Ringgit is appreciating, and Rupiah sucks ! Yea. About the currency. F*ck Currency ! How can i survive in this evil world ? Haisss. To be described in economics, im experiencing deficit. Haahah.

I just wanna share some pics. As pics tell a thousands word, here are some random pics, taken in some random events. =)

My gokil fellas !

I just love this pic. =)

Miss my sista, my long hair as well. =(

Winson's farewell nite.

Kinda scary. hoho.

Macha ice my favourite !

Expression of the Thamciaks.

Vincent's bday.

El - O - El !

My most precious.

Quite a few actually. Not much to post. Not many pics' stock recently. =p. Gonna post another posting after im not 'busy' ! =D. Cao~.


What a short, but meaningful title.

Is there anyone that still don't know the meaning of this ?
Yea i think there is.
Some busybody people, who's hobby is gossiping people, without knowing the truth, for sure.
Do ya'll need me to elaborate it further ?
MYOB stands for Mind Your Own Business.
Still not understand the meaning ?
Uruslah urusanmu sendiri. That's in Indonesian.
Ze zi guan ni de shi. That's in mandarin.
Do u need me to elaborate it in another language so u can understand in ur weird language?
But, Sorry.
I don't speak ur language.
Maybe i can recommend you 3 things to do.
First, buy a dictionary. Maybe it helps with the meaning of MYOB.
Second, buy a tape. Just in case u can't shut ur mouth up and u need a super sticky tape to help.
Third, buy a mirror and see what's inside before u see and comment on others.

Still need some suggestion ?
You can contact me.


2 paper had already taken.
And the 2 had already been ruined and screwed !
I just need a pass for them.
Need some blessing for another 2 more comin paper.

Yea, i know.
I will be blessed.
And im blessed !

P.S : Gudluck ya'll who are having exams !

exams attack !


Exam is comin. What a schedule ! 11, 12, 19, 20. Jackpot ! I'm not goin to update my blog for a while. But a bunch to post and upload after exam ! *yey*. Just wait for 'em baby. =)

27th October 2008.

What a day ! I'm just shocked, surprised, touched, happy, and i feel lucky. It was just so unexpected. And it's my BIRTHDAY ! It's goin to be a long blog. Just be ready ! Fasten ur seatbelt guys. =p

It was Ching, that wrote something sad in her pm. "I need a shoulder to cry on". As usual, i was worrying her and asked, "u okay?". Then she said she's just fine. After a few chat, we didn't continue our conversation. It's 00.13 when she finally called me. "I need u", she said. Actually i smelled something wrong already.. Hahahaha. She asked me to meet her downstairs at Side Gate. Guess what did i see ? 22 people formed a 20 for me, each of them was holding a small candle. I was really, really amazed.

20 without candles

20 with candles =)

They sang a bday song for me. Ouw yea before that, the group involved in this is Tarabuddy friends. I'm just so proud and happy to have u all as my friends !! After go upstairs to see the 20's shape, i made a wish. They ask me to blow the candle from above.. Oh u gotta be kidding me. Hahahaha... I went down to meet them all, and i have to blow the candles 1 by 1. With additional candles being lighted again. Swt.. Hahahaha. After i blew the so called 'major candle' in the real cake, like the tradition i have to take out the candle out from the cake. And it WAS not right. Someone pushed my head to the cake.. OMG. The war has begun ! =D

Umm. Let's just switch the object shall we ? =) There was another group waiting for me, with a cake also ! They are my college friends. I know them pretty long already, since i came to Malaysia. All of them are just great.. They all sang another bday song for me.. Another candle-blowing, and another cake-cutting.

Kinda blur... Love them anyway ! =)

Some cake war and eggs war was happening. Laughter, happiness, fun. All of them were afraid of me like hell.. Coz i was smelly ! LOL. Oh. Thanks, fellas.

Just feel that i'm the luckiest person in the world. I have a great parent, a lot of friends around me to celebrate my birthday. Hahaha. Thanks for all of u guys that i can't mention 1 by 1. Umm. Hold on. Im thinking of write down ur names. Hahaha. Just wish me luck to track all of u who came ! =p. Really appreciate it. I won't ever forget my memorable 20th bday. You all made it so colourful !

Another pics updates coming soon. =)

Dim sum !

Here are some pics from us. The food hunters. =)

ching, sandy, me



Pork inside pastries.

Keladi Goreng.

I dunno the name.. But it has prawn inside, n it's spicy !

Prawn Har Kao. My all time favourite.

the gerobak. =)

the food hunters. =)

now im starving.
whatever it's called.
i need food !

What a day !

18th October 2008. I had so many plan for this day. The day before, we went to Noodle Station (again) in Subang. This time, with some additional members. =). There were me, Ching, Sandy, Enrico, Tommy the Panda, Winson, Kenvin n last but not least Vincent. It was the first time for some of them in Noodle station, we ordered different dishes and i remembered Winson said , "im satisfied with mine..". LOL. U should ask me to go along anytime u intended. hahahahaha.

Actually, all of us were thinking of another breakfast trip the day after in a chinese restaurant called Imperial China. It serves dim sum in the morning until 1pm only. So that means we have to get up earlier than usual. LOL. Finally, only me, Ching, Sandy and Tommy decided to join. hahaha. When i reached there, it brought me back to when i were in my hometown. It's very cozy.. And the dim sum ? Oh dun ask about it. It was just delicious ! Im a big fans of dimsum. And this was satisfying .. hahahahah. Here are some pics of 'em. I will upload another pics after i get it from Sandy's cam. =)

Imperial China.

they are delicious !

Fried Dumpling, Bao, and Lotus Ball


Satisfied with our breakfast ! However still a long way to go through the day. a trip to kL was waiting for me. LOL. So many things happened on that day. First, the taxi driver who took us to kL. omg.. he was just over-talkative ! Hahaha. He even taught us how to negotiate with a taxi driver. OMG. Second, we saw a 'copet' been caught. And he is from Indonesia. actually i felt pity to the robber, not the victim. lol.. Because there might be some reasons that forced him to do such thing. But i also have to think from the victim's side. How if that happened to me ? Haiz.

oops, why i feel so miserable suddenly ? talking about what i feel to the robber ? okok. let's just switch the topic shall we ? =)

Anyway, u should try this when u go to pavilion, KL.
Thailand Spring Roll
It's located in Food Republic in Pavilion. =)

On our way home, we took rapid KL.. A guy hopped into the bus and just standing as usual. Suddenly he roar to the whole bus. Oh My Me. Amitofo... That's what i keep mumbling all the time. I don't know what happened but looked like 'something' got into his body or kinda stuff... I was afraid. Now i feel afraid even to talk about it. Hahahaha.

Feel kinda happy tho, coz i got what i was intended to buy.. After i reached home, guess where did i go ? We were planning to celebrate my manager's bday, but then we went to barcelona instead. hahaha.

uuh. tired. capek. chuan. lei. kinda long story to tell.

cya on my next post. =)

thanks for worrying me so much ! =)

Nothing to say. Just wanna thanks Tinna for giving me a "siraman rohani" and Ching for giving me the loneliness, which i needed. Thanks for worrying me so much ! Love u all, my girls. =)


Just wanna show u the faces of the undefined.

All of us. =)

Co, Tin, Lyv.

Manusia2 cakep !

Toilet Shot !

My Best Friend. Caramel macchiato Hot, please ! =)

Another toilet shot. =p

It was just yesterday. I saw one of my girl tearing. What happened to u ? Maybe i am not the type that love to force someone or asked about the problem they have. I prefer to keep quiet, let them drown in their loneliness for a while, just for them to think clearer. But actually, i felt my heart broke into pieces when i saw her crying. I just couldn't stand it, curiously just ask her what happened. Maybe it was just to early to tell me. And i just let her be. Just to calm herself. I didn't force her anymore, but try to make her forgot about what she was thinking. i wouldn't know if it was successful or not. =p. But finally i saw her eyes glowing, curve on her lips, happily walked home with us. Feel kinda relieved, seriously. keep it up, girl. I know u can cope with the cruelty of life...

God Bless Us...

.tired to the max.

YAY ! i've submitted my IEF assignment today. Feeling good.. But something weird. Why i feel so happy n relieved now, where there are another 2 assignments waiting for me ? OMG. I SHOULD act like im worrying them so bad. lol. After a few days of 'struggling' for assignment (my fellas for this few days sure would know what i meant by 'struggling' LOL), then only i can update this blog. Hahaha. Where should i start ? Oh no. It reminded me of how hard to start an assignment.. lmao.

It was last Saturday, 11st October 2008. What i was planning ? Doin assignments out of condo. Some places was flashed by. Finally, our gank, which included me, Wie Ching, Tinna, Febri, Enrico, Lung2, and Liem, decided Starbucks as our territory. lol.

Arrived at about 8.30 pm, with an empty stomach. We decided to go to Zanmai to have our dinner. Guess how long we have to wait ? About 30mins? 45 mins? OMG. So bad. When we are all were about to find another place to have our meal, a guy said that our seats are ready. Fiuh. I was planning not to have my dinner, coz im goin supper with my working fellas. But i can't stand the salmon sushi and mini california maki !

Salmon Sushi

It looks nice this time. The salmon slice also quite big, at least covers up the sushi rice. Hahaha. After that, i gotta go to meet my colleagues from Zen.. We are goin to Yuen steamboat at Mentari park. I'm not really clear what was this event for actually.. Some said it was to celebrate our high sales bla bla bla.. But i think, it was to celebrate our master chef's bday, Nakajima San..

Zen staffs with Nakajima San. =)

Zen Part timers

Yuen, 11st October 2008

Overall, it was fun, We were taking pics, until about 2 am. After that, i still have to continue my journey.. My house key was in my housemate's room which she was still in starbucks. sigh.. Reached home at about 4 am. Continue chatting until 6 am. Hahaha. Then ? My assignment ? Aih. Just leave it first. Do it tomorrow. lol. That's what i kept thinking until the day before due date. rofl.

I'm just too bored.

Yesterday was a day with nothing. Seems like nothing special happened yesterday, except for forcing my pity brain to think over than the limit it has. =p. Assignments, assignments and assignments are waiting for me.. Gosh.

While thinking of something to have for dinner, my dearie housemate Ching popped out with a restaurant called Noodle Station in Subang. She also suggest that we do our assignment there, coz it's a cozy place, full air con and full of food for sure. =p. She warned me for not being addicted to the food there, coz they are delicious ! I was just so0o curious bout that.

After reached there, i was just impatiently grab the menu book and looking for what to order. From the display pic in the menu, it looks like
Mie Awai in Medan. I had a bowl of noodle called fried dumpling noodle whatsoever.. (i forgot). I dunno whether i was too hungry at that time, or it was just delicious ! I finish it kinda slow, just to enjoy the taste. LOL. And after my last piece of dumpling to the mouth.. I was just recalled that i haven't take the pic of it.. So i can't show u guys how it looks like ! Hahaa. But i have a pic of Enrico's beverage, called I Miss You Lemonade, and they put it in a very cute bottle.

I Miss You Lemonade

That's the only pic i've got in my phone. As usual, boredom attack came and finally we were taking pics with enrico's photo booth. Watching the "ga penting" video in utube. hahahah. =p.

Oh My Me. i haven't progress even to 10% of my assignments. Gotta go now. =D

Fall For You.

The best thing about tonight's that we're not fighting
Could it be that we have been this way before
I know you don't think that I am trying
I know you're wearing thin down to the core

But hold your breathe
Because tonight will be the night that I will fall for you
Over again
Don't make me change my mind
Or I wont live to see another day
I swear it's true
Because a girl like you is impossible to find
Your impossible to find

This is not what I intended
I always swore to you i'd never fall apart
You always thought that I was stronger
I may of failed
But I have loved you from the start

But hold your breathe
Because tonight will be the night that I will fall for you
Over again
Don't make me change my mind

Or I wont live to see another day
I swear it's true
Because a girl like you is impossible to find
It's impossible

So breathe in so deep
Breathe me in
I'm yours to keep
And hold onto your words
Cuz talk is cheap
And remember me tonight
When your asleep

Because tonight will be the night that I will fall for you
Over again
Don't make me change my mind
Or I wont live to see another day
I swear it's true
Because a girl like you is impossible to find
Tonight will be the night that I will fall for you
Over again
Don't make me change my mind
Or I wont live to see another day
I swear it's true
Because a girl like you is impossible to find
Your impossible to find

*I'm dying to this song. Thanks for a friend who recommend me this song. =)

first !

here is my first blog ! created on 9th October 2008, due to boredom attack and also some temptation from friends. =p since it's just a newborn blog, it's gonna be kinda empty and messy, i can say. just wait for my next update. enjoy ! =)

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