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heyyy :)

I'm freaking sleepy at the moment. I think i didn't get enough sleep recently.. And this stomachache is killing for real. But I have no choice but to continue doing my job. I hope I'll settle them soon :D

I miss my life in China like hell. I miss how I woke up in a morning breeze, took a shower and dry my hair, spent a few minutes in front a mirror to see which coat i'll pick for the day, put my boots on and I'm ready to explore. I miss to spend some nights alone in my little tiny room, and some night at friends. Some cafes with live musics just reminded me how life was so easy back then. Bought a can of soft drink, sat on a random rock besides a beach and listen to the waves. Went to a small island called GulangYu in the morning, and back to Xiamen at night. Bought some local delicacies and enjoyed them while walking down through the busiest street in Xiamen. It is not the fanciest city, but I like it so much. I hope that next year I'll be able to visit there again..


i think i'm in


it's you.

It's not time to find Prince Charming anymore.

It's time to find myself my Mr. Right.

in between

Which one will you choose:

A guy who you are really into, perfect in your eyes, charming, BUT he doesn't show you any efforts.


A guy who loves you so much, shows his efforts, BUT you aren't quite into him.

Are you willing to wait for the first type of guy to start to approach you, or are you willing to start learning to love the second type of guy? 


rainy weekend.

hey hooo :D Accessed to blogger this morning and found out their new look ! It is convenient and cool, it doesn't take you long to understand how to use. Editing and organizing sound so easy :) But I'm getting bored with my blog layout ! I'm afraid that if I change it to another layout, my posts will all be vanished. So I decided to keep it this way at the moment. :) Life wasn't really smooth recently. A lot of work to do, a lot of plan to be settled. I worked from 9 to 10 every day for this past 5 days. Exhausted, but this is what I have to face everyday. Thanks God it's Saturday ! Oh well, I also have to work my ass of on Saturday, so my official break in a week is only on Sunday :p What I'm dealing with everyday are stacks of files, documents, some company's complicated software, people, workers, and none of them will give me a break. Um, at least I still got the time to update my blog a bit :) Well, gotta get back to work now. Happy weekend people :)

Lego House.

Let's build a lego house,you ♥

deep inside.

I feel happy recently. I don't know how to elaborate more. I'm just simply happy. :)

Love how love shows.


*pics aren't belong to me*

Back to basic.

heyyy :D

so here I am after 2 weeks away from my desk in the office, slapped with stacks of files waiting to be settled. But anyway, I am still in the holiday mood ! 2 weeks in Europe was awesomeeeee !!! I met a lot of new people, visited a lot of tourism spot in Europe and had the chance to try the local foods. Overall the experience and everything was just awesomely awesome. Oh how I wish to be able to visit there again. Yes maybe one day :)

From all the places I visited, I love Lucerne the most! It is a small city in Switzerland. It is not a fancy city, but it is calm, clean weather, clean water, fresh air everyday. Next come after that is Paris ! No doubt that this city attracts many people's attention. Paris is awesome in the daylight, romantic at night. Oh God give me another chance to visit there again will you? :)

Pics will be uploaded on my next post ! Hopefully. :p

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