Told you, I suck at baking. I was trying to bake brownies cake. But.. Isn't brownies supposed to be brownish ? Why mine turned out to be darkish and bitterish? Lol. Nevermind, we learn from mistakes. I am sure I can do better next time. But today I cook crab and egg soup, and i think it is satisfying enough. :) I hope my family and friends will like it. Yes I cooked like a big bowl of it. So it should be enough for everybody. :)

Today is the last day of the year ! We can already mention tomorrow as "next year" lol. Time flies crazily. A lot of things going on through this 2011 year. I laughed. I smiled. I cried. I fell. I loved. None of us have a single clue of what will happen next year, but hey, let's just let it be. Isn't it better if it comes as a surprise? Well, I love surprises. :D

By the way, I am going to celebrate my New Year's Eve with my girls ! I'd like to spend NYE anywhere but on the road. I don't wanna stuck in a super crazy traffic jam on NYE. So not cool huh.

I hope tonight will be memorable.

i miss melbourne.

hobbies to dailies to passion

heyloves ♥

I feel good when I have the time to update my blog. I know I ignored it for like a year already, but hey I am back ! Sometimes we don't exactly have the topic to write down here, but still I am trying to share something to the world :)

Well, let's talk about the thing we do everyday. I've ever seen a statement says,

I am afraid thay my daily activities become my permanent job.

Let's have a guess, what are they doing daily and caused them to state that? A guy is an office-employee, but actually he always wanted to be a painter. A woman, working as a cashier in a coffee-shop on the corner of the block, but she actually wishes to work under a clothing label.

Well, every single person has their own passion, and people often do something that they are not really into.

Let's talk real yes. I am currently working as an administration officer who handle everything related to car insurances. I can't say that I hate it, but neither do I love it. What my real passion is, well, I can't really tell, because I am not sure what my real passion is. I do sound pathetic. I do have hobbies, but I am still a small little girl :( I can change hobbies whenever I want lol. But, 2 hobbies I am really into since about 5 years ago, is cooking and capturing moments.

I love to cook so much ! My cooking is so far still acceptable to my family and friends. I love to bake as well ! But I cook better than I bake, I reckon. And the second thing I love is taking photos ! I own a DSLR camera, well not as sophisticated as the professional photographers', but it still works and satisfying. I remember I bought it after saving for quite a time by working part-time as a waiter back when I was in Malaysia. Proud? Yes. I am proud. :D

6 days a week, I stay in the office. Sitting in front of a notebook and started doing my job. But hey, I still have dinner time to cook, and Sundays to go and hunt for pictures ! I will never back down. I will never complain. My life has been fair so far, and so do the time I divided :)

This is the way I am going to ride this life. My very own fun way. ♥


Got this short, funny story from a friend:

A Japanese guy visit his friend in America. He saw a restaurant called "TGIF". Then he asked his American friend,

"What does TGIF stand for?"

"Oh, it stands for Thanks God It's Friday!"

The Japanese looks satisfied with the answer. One day, the American guy visited this Japanese friend in Japan, and actually the Japanese guy has run a new restaurant business. The restaurant is called "Oshima". And curiously the American guy asked the Japanese guy,

"Is there any special meaning of Oshima?"

"Of course. It actually stands for "Oh SHit It's Monday Again",
answered the Japanese guy, proudly.

Well, why do people care much when it is Monday or Friday? Monday comes after Sunday which is a so-called holiday, but it won't make any difference if there is a day off on Monday and you still have to come to work on Tuesday, right? So with Friday, people were thanking God, well I encourage that so very much, but I don't think we can only have fun on Friday night after work.. For some people, Saturday is still 'weekdays' and not 'weekend' and they still have to put their asses to work.

Well.. This post is my opinion. Just saying and sharing. For me, everyday is just the same. The thing that makes them different is how you face them in your very own way. And not to be forgotten, we should thank God everyday, no matter what day it is today. :)

love !



I miss those hectic days in the restaurant. Especially on holidays like Christmas or New Year eve. The restaurant manager would remind us like a week before the H-day, that we are going to get really, really crazy on that day. New menu of food and set meal which so-called "Christmas set meal" were arranged and the telephone were just ringing non stop from customers who'd like to make a reservation.

So here we are, this day has finally here. We were busy like hell, we took orders like crazy, kitchen were super hectic, and customers were just impatient. We served the food to tables flawlessly, yet we might broke some of the wine glasses when we were trying to put it panicly into a dishwasher.

Anyway, time is getting late, and the night is finally ended. So we flipped the "Open" sign to "Close" sign on the front door. There's only a few of us inside, with only a few bulbs on, sitting, having some midnight snack, chatted and laughed.

Life is all about experience. Not eternal, but it's about how you take it to what you always wanted to. Happiness, yes I think that's essential.

It's Christmas Eve !

Hi peeps !

I am still wondering when did I pause my blog. A year ago. I was in China for my further study. I blogged more when I was a student in Malaysia. Does it mean that I enjoyed more when I was in China until i have no time to update my blog at all? Lol that wasn't a question, but an answer to itself. Yes I did enjoy my life in China ! Long story to tell, yet not much time I own. Will tell the story on my next post, the next next post, or maybe the next next next post. :D

Btw it's xmas eve ! When will you guys spend your xmas eve?

Me myself? I am going to spend it in a bar, with a lot of friends ! I bet tonight will be a good night ! :)
Well, gotta go and get ready for tonight's party.

Cya love :*

ps/ Things we have to remember, we forget. Things we have to forget, we remember.


Hello guys !

OMG seriously? Did I last updated my blog in 2010? Too damn long to be true. But I try to be as active as before ;)

Of course from 2010 until now there's a lot has happened in my life. Good or bad, happy or sad. I just don't have the time to share it with you guys. I'll try to blog more since I am starting to get bored of my daily job (lol is that even an excuse? :D)

Love all of u who visited my blog :) thanks !


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