What a short, but meaningful title.

Is there anyone that still don't know the meaning of this ?
Yea i think there is.
Some busybody people, who's hobby is gossiping people, without knowing the truth, for sure.
Do ya'll need me to elaborate it further ?
MYOB stands for Mind Your Own Business.
Still not understand the meaning ?
Uruslah urusanmu sendiri. That's in Indonesian.
Ze zi guan ni de shi. That's in mandarin.
Do u need me to elaborate it in another language so u can understand in ur weird language?
But, Sorry.
I don't speak ur language.
Maybe i can recommend you 3 things to do.
First, buy a dictionary. Maybe it helps with the meaning of MYOB.
Second, buy a tape. Just in case u can't shut ur mouth up and u need a super sticky tape to help.
Third, buy a mirror and see what's inside before u see and comment on others.

Still need some suggestion ?
You can contact me.


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