Unspeakable Trip 1.

Here goes my official first blog in Melbourne.. I arrived on 26th june, 7 in the morning. It was 6 degrees outside. I couldn't really sleep when i was on the plane, so i decided to take a nap first before i begin my holiday ! (: At about 2pm, i went to take my lunch in a place called Dessert House. I ordered Lemongrass chicken, and when my order came, i was so shocked to see the portion here. It's damn big.. Unluckily I didn't take a pic of it.

After i have the very fulfilling lunch, me, And, Cin n Jun went to have a walk along Swanston st and take pictures, meanwhile we're waiting for Jun's gf, Christin. We took lotsa pic which i will post it later on. We visited Flinders St Station, where i finally saw it by my own which i used to only see it on the chocolate box or stuff.. LOL. After the last walk to Yarra River, we were heading to Queen Victoria (QV). We had a break in Max Brenner, which is like the chocolate heaven.. I was like so crazy to see all of the chocolates they sell.. HAHA. I had a cup of American Marshmallow Chocolate. It's nice.. It's so pricey as well. *swt

We headed back home to take a rest, and we're having our dinner in Ying Thai Restaurant, which is a Thai restaurant. It is located in Lygon st. We met Calvin and Louise there. I really wanna tell you guys what did we ate there, but sorry i couldn't recall all the Thai's food name and i didn't take any pic as well. HAHA. After having our spicy fulfilling finger-licking dinner, we went back home again, dressed-up, and we're ready to hit a party in a club called Eve. I had 2 glass of liquor which I dunno the name. After a very nice party in a very cold weather, we went back home and I was soooo exhausted.. It's only day one and it's fun here !

Something that you guys might not know about Melb (Winson is probably mention some of this in his blog. Take a walk !):
1. It's only first day, and i've already seen
2 COUPLES OF LESBIANS here.. OMFG. They made out anywhere anytime.. LOL

2. McD's fries here is better than in Malaysia, seriously.. I think i would like to get one each day HAHA

3. It's freaking cold outside, yet a lot of Australian chicks hold to a belief, which is in Hokkien we said "Ai Sui Mai Mia", means they prefer fashion than their life. LOLOL. The chicks here wear like almost nothing when it's like 5 degrees out there.

4. One thing that quite shocked me is each Australians must only take a shower in 4 minutes ! I said 'must' because Australian water restriction kinda thing. I dun understand how they get cleaned up in 4minutes. Damn.. Don't worry, i will still take a longer time to take my shower. LOL.

5. The portion of the food is damn big. It's so expensive, yet so fulfilling. Lotsa varieties of food is available.

6. Australians do a lot of walking, or else they will take a tram to go to their destination.

7. There's a lot of street artists, which are so amazing to me. They think of ways to make money, in a good way.

That's pretty much about Melbourne on the first day. I will update my second day trip soon.

Happy holiday everyone! (:


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