Whisper from the heart.

I understand how people will feel when they are hurted by someone or something. Mad, angry, sad, furious, depressed, disappointed, any negative feeling you can ever mentioned. You do anything to express that feeling. Scream, cry. Some could just be able to sit down and do nothing.


It has gone through my thoughts today. Actually, why should we turn that hurted feeling into sadness? I think all of us have a choice. Here's what I thought, and trying to be able to do so.
When someone hurted you, you are a step further to maturity. You've experienced another test and you've passed it. We shouldn't take it as a disappointment. We should take it as encouragement. Take it positively. It teaches us how to be stronger. It makes us not to be a crybaby or overly emotional. It makes us tougher, and we won't feel that sad anymore the next time it happens to us.

p.s/ I wrote this, because I somehow feel prevaricated. But I somehow tried very hard to think positively. I, anyway, am going to enjoy my life. =)

If it doesn't kill you, it'll make you stronger.


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