I hopped off the bus at that station. A guy standing in front of a building when I walked passed him.

"Notebook? Computer?"

I heard him asking me that. And also everyone whose walked passed through him. I was not really aware of him. I just kept walking. Few steps later, I turned my head to him and saw him carrying a notebook case. Only one. I was thinking, this guy might be selling a stolen notebook, or the most positive thinking that i could get is, (I didn't mean to be this bad, but this is what we do when we don't know anyone perfectly, "Judge the Book by It's Cover), he's selling a notebook that he found from who-knows-where. I was just trying to forget that, until I came out from the building. A bunch of people were already gathered, surrounded the 'notebook guy', and 2 policemen. I couldn't think of anything anymore, except that he was first being suspected. A policeman asked him to show the thing that he was carrying, and checked at it. After a while, he was asked to follow the policemen to the office. I am sure, all of you know how the ending is going to be.

Series of thought running through my mind. I felt that the policemen did a very great job. On the other hand, I pity the 'notebook guy'. Without being biased, I mean, he surely has a reason for doing it. Economic pressure maybe will be the first nominee. I walked back to the bus station to reach home. I turned my head back to him, saw him walked away from the place he was standing, in the middle of 2 policemen, bent.

I hopped on the bus. Blank-staring. Thoughts raging.


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