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heyyy :D

so here I am after 2 weeks away from my desk in the office, slapped with stacks of files waiting to be settled. But anyway, I am still in the holiday mood ! 2 weeks in Europe was awesomeeeee !!! I met a lot of new people, visited a lot of tourism spot in Europe and had the chance to try the local foods. Overall the experience and everything was just awesomely awesome. Oh how I wish to be able to visit there again. Yes maybe one day :)

From all the places I visited, I love Lucerne the most! It is a small city in Switzerland. It is not a fancy city, but it is calm, clean weather, clean water, fresh air everyday. Next come after that is Paris ! No doubt that this city attracts many people's attention. Paris is awesome in the daylight, romantic at night. Oh God give me another chance to visit there again will you? :)

Pics will be uploaded on my next post ! Hopefully. :p


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