Ghosts around me...

I was in a bad depression. It seems ghosts are everywhere, haunting me, won't let me go. Tied so tight between uncertainty, scattered life, in a deep agony. I just want to get out from this hell. I don't want to see those ghosts no more. I'm done. I'M DONE ! That's what my heart screamed. I won't ask you whether you could hear it or not. Because, even myself couldn't.

One night, I heard a voice. A very familiar voice which formed words, which i heard very clearly. "I'll pray for u". I stood there, stared at nothing and started to drop some tears. My heart scream at me again,"Helloo !!! u should have do something bout it !". At that point, i knew that i have to work it out to get the hell out of my mind.

Hours by hours, days by days, those groups of ghosts still don't want to get rid of me ! I relied for the prayer from the owner of the voice, for sure, but also don't forget to pray myself. "Everything is going to be alright. Everybody is going to be alright. But how if it is out of my expectation ? How can i cope with that ? How can I face them later on ?". I started to mumbling myself.

I decided to face it with all the courage and energy i have. It wouldn't change anything if I just ran away, because those ghosts would still be there. Just go inside and see, what is really happening then, I said to myself. After taking a deep breath, I went inside and I saw NOTHING. It was hollow. There were nothing that scared me. Those ghosts have ran away from my life . Prayer and encourage from the voice helped me out. Thanks, I mumbled.

P.S. : Special thanks to GOD, Dad and Mom, who've been supporting me, all da time. Thanks for everyone who sincerely gave their deepest support for me. =)


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