Hope everything will stay as it does..

People say, if there is no meeting, there is no separation.. Omg who the heck created that stupid idiom ? If you didn't meet anybody, how u know ppl, love ppl, make friends ? If you didn't meet ppl, human could not longer be said as a social creature anymore.. That is a thing that ppl couldn't leave behind.. But anyhow and i don't know why.. I hate farewell ! Seems a lot of people is leaving here now.. Why i have to be separated with people who i've just met for a very short time only ? God, can't you make it a bit longer, make me meet them earlier, or maybe, if possible...

Just stop the time for me .. ?

Was it me that didn't use the time properly ? Didn't I enjoy the good time with them ? Maybe I did enjoy it a lot, that makes time also goes by soooo fast. Few days left, and i have to leave everything behind. Memories. Togetherness. Laughter. Sadness. Jokes. All the good and bad we had gone through together.. Please tell me, what else can I do to make it worth ? I really, really don't wanna feel this ! I cried. Tears have just came down so fast, without asking my permission to pass. First night of a realization of what is going to happen for the next few days, I was crying to sleep. When I woke up in the morning, tears came and visited me again. I just couldn't be alone to prevent me to think of the sadness.. I should have something to do then. But still, it didn't help at all.. I keep thinking for this few days.. What should i do in this very limited time ? I think i found the answer.

Time is still there. Make a full use of it.

If i could just have 1 wish right now.. *Please just keep everybody near. I don't want any farewell happen. I just want to spend a lil bit longer time with you. Slower down the time a bit oh God...*

Dear you,

Even though we are going to be separated soon, you have been so special in my heart. Maybe I didn't do anything important to make you remember of me. But a simple 'hi' could grow a lot of things up. All the things we have gone through will stay in me. Time is too short somehow. Or maybe it's just the timing error. We are just haven't been through anything much enough. But those times will repeat, won't it ? Anyway, Everything that we've been through means a lot. Maybe they are just some simple thing such as some chit chat-ing, some joking or poking around. However it wouldn't get out of my mind very easily..

I keep say it to myself,"You are not going to lose them !". But I just couldn't take it to my own real world. How can I repeat the crazy time with you ? How can I re-do what we did, with others ? Nobody ain't going to do it as well as you do ! =). I love you, my friend.



applemonkey said...

i love this one...=D

Olyvia ♥ said...

even it is kind of too late, but thanks for liking my post :D

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