heyhooo :)

Yesterday was Valentine's Day! How was it? Lovebirds will mostly answer "It was a great night". I do sound a bit desperate since I obviously started this blog with yesterday's event. Haha ! Being single on Valentine's Day is somehow pathetic. For me, Valentine's Day doesn't have any differences with any other day. The one that differentiate it, is if you hang out anywhere or have your meal at a dine, you will know. Lovebirds are everywhere, romantic candle light dinner, balloons, roses, chocolate.. And I'm here, single. But I spent yesterday night with my single ladies ! Well, thought I wasn't that pathetic. We went to a restaurant for dinner and to a bar for an after party. It wasn't the most fun, but at least I wasn't alone. Thank you guys :)

Simply said and simply ended. Bye peeps <3


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