This is awesomeness.

I am just being normal, adoring and looking up to someone we can't really reach. Here is a list of some of my favorite actors, in random order.

1. James Marsden

Fell for him first at the movie "Hairspray". The 50's kinda look made him just irresistible ! He then popped up again at the movie "The Notebook", played as Allie's forced-fiancee. And met him again at the movie "27 Dresses" ! Now he got the main role. He is cool yet burning.

Think of me, James :D

2. John Travolta

Well, guess I don't really have to introduce this man. I bet all of you know him. I call him the legendary. He played so many roles and he nailed them all. He played as the bad guy, the good guy, the musician, even as a mother. He is just super.

3. Taylor Lautner

Yes, the "Twilight" lighter. Love this wolf-man more than the sparkling one. Lol. I even have his poster hanging in my closet, so I can see him every morning when I am about to pick my wardrobe for the day. Hahaha :p

4. Jesse Spencer

The Australian (or British?) doctor in Dr.House the series. Played as Dr.Robert Chase, House's subordinate, has a very strong British accent but always claimed himself as an Australian.

Hot in both long and short hair. <3

5. Ryan Gosling

10 top hottest man on earth according to the People Magazine. Played flawlessly as Noah on "The Notebook", dimmed a bit after that, and start shining again recently.

Young Ryan somehow looks like someone :p

Actresses, wait for your turn :)

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