hello ! To the point shall we :)

I think all of us agree, that almost every single one of us ever have haters around or at least, feel that there is someone that hates us. They hate us of what we did, and worse, of what we didn't. Haters are picky, I would say. They'll choose the one that is pretty, have long legs, good-looking bf or gf, the one with good life, and the one with a lot of friends. I think some people just don't know how to appreciate life. They will start to talk sarcastically about us and our friends in front of our face. They simply said that we are mean and all the impossible excuse they can think of. I mean, what is the point of doing that? Being a hater doesn't make you loved by people. I like to make friends, and some just can't accept the reality.

nb. haters that are girls are more acceptable than guys being haters. State that.


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