27th October 2008.

What a day ! I'm just shocked, surprised, touched, happy, and i feel lucky. It was just so unexpected. And it's my BIRTHDAY ! It's goin to be a long blog. Just be ready ! Fasten ur seatbelt guys. =p

It was Ching, that wrote something sad in her pm. "I need a shoulder to cry on". As usual, i was worrying her and asked, "u okay?". Then she said she's just fine. After a few chat, we didn't continue our conversation. It's 00.13 when she finally called me. "I need u", she said. Actually i smelled something wrong already.. Hahahaha. She asked me to meet her downstairs at Side Gate. Guess what did i see ? 22 people formed a 20 for me, each of them was holding a small candle. I was really, really amazed.

20 without candles

20 with candles =)

They sang a bday song for me. Ouw yea before that, the group involved in this is Tarabuddy friends. I'm just so proud and happy to have u all as my friends !! After go upstairs to see the 20's shape, i made a wish. They ask me to blow the candle from above.. Oh u gotta be kidding me. Hahahaha... I went down to meet them all, and i have to blow the candles 1 by 1. With additional candles being lighted again. Swt.. Hahahaha. After i blew the so called 'major candle' in the real cake, like the tradition i have to take out the candle out from the cake. And it WAS not right. Someone pushed my head to the cake.. OMG. The war has begun ! =D

Umm. Let's just switch the object shall we ? =) There was another group waiting for me, with a cake also ! They are my college friends. I know them pretty long already, since i came to Malaysia. All of them are just great.. They all sang another bday song for me.. Another candle-blowing, and another cake-cutting.

Kinda blur... Love them anyway ! =)

Some cake war and eggs war was happening. Laughter, happiness, fun. All of them were afraid of me like hell.. Coz i was smelly ! LOL. Oh. Thanks, fellas.

Just feel that i'm the luckiest person in the world. I have a great parent, a lot of friends around me to celebrate my birthday. Hahaha. Thanks for all of u guys that i can't mention 1 by 1. Umm. Hold on. Im thinking of write down ur names. Hahaha. Just wish me luck to track all of u who came ! =p. Really appreciate it. I won't ever forget my memorable 20th bday. You all made it so colourful !

Another pics updates coming soon. =)


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