.tired to the max.

YAY ! i've submitted my IEF assignment today. Feeling good.. But something weird. Why i feel so happy n relieved now, where there are another 2 assignments waiting for me ? OMG. I SHOULD act like im worrying them so bad. lol. After a few days of 'struggling' for assignment (my fellas for this few days sure would know what i meant by 'struggling' LOL), then only i can update this blog. Hahaha. Where should i start ? Oh no. It reminded me of how hard to start an assignment.. lmao.

It was last Saturday, 11st October 2008. What i was planning ? Doin assignments out of condo. Some places was flashed by. Finally, our gank, which included me, Wie Ching, Tinna, Febri, Enrico, Lung2, and Liem, decided Starbucks as our territory. lol.

Arrived at about 8.30 pm, with an empty stomach. We decided to go to Zanmai to have our dinner. Guess how long we have to wait ? About 30mins? 45 mins? OMG. So bad. When we are all were about to find another place to have our meal, a guy said that our seats are ready. Fiuh. I was planning not to have my dinner, coz im goin supper with my working fellas. But i can't stand the salmon sushi and mini california maki !

Salmon Sushi

It looks nice this time. The salmon slice also quite big, at least covers up the sushi rice. Hahaha. After that, i gotta go to meet my colleagues from Zen.. We are goin to Yuen steamboat at Mentari park. I'm not really clear what was this event for actually.. Some said it was to celebrate our high sales bla bla bla.. But i think, it was to celebrate our master chef's bday, Nakajima San..

Zen staffs with Nakajima San. =)

Zen Part timers

Yuen, 11st October 2008

Overall, it was fun, We were taking pics, until about 2 am. After that, i still have to continue my journey.. My house key was in my housemate's room which she was still in starbucks. sigh.. Reached home at about 4 am. Continue chatting until 6 am. Hahaha. Then ? My assignment ? Aih. Just leave it first. Do it tomorrow. lol. That's what i kept thinking until the day before due date. rofl.


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