I'm just too bored.

Yesterday was a day with nothing. Seems like nothing special happened yesterday, except for forcing my pity brain to think over than the limit it has. =p. Assignments, assignments and assignments are waiting for me.. Gosh.

While thinking of something to have for dinner, my dearie housemate Ching popped out with a restaurant called Noodle Station in Subang. She also suggest that we do our assignment there, coz it's a cozy place, full air con and full of food for sure. =p. She warned me for not being addicted to the food there, coz they are delicious ! I was just so0o curious bout that.

After reached there, i was just impatiently grab the menu book and looking for what to order. From the display pic in the menu, it looks like
Mie Awai in Medan. I had a bowl of noodle called fried dumpling noodle whatsoever.. (i forgot). I dunno whether i was too hungry at that time, or it was just delicious ! I finish it kinda slow, just to enjoy the taste. LOL. And after my last piece of dumpling to the mouth.. I was just recalled that i haven't take the pic of it.. So i can't show u guys how it looks like ! Hahaa. But i have a pic of Enrico's beverage, called I Miss You Lemonade, and they put it in a very cute bottle.

I Miss You Lemonade

That's the only pic i've got in my phone. As usual, boredom attack came and finally we were taking pics with enrico's photo booth. Watching the "ga penting" video in utube. hahahah. =p.

Oh My Me. i haven't progress even to 10% of my assignments. Gotta go now. =D


SleeplessPanda said...

the i miss you lemonade looks darn cool there. u gota show me that place sometime k. i never been there b4.

Olyvia ♥ said...

ya u should. next time u'll thanks for the wifi and electricity there, coz the wifi also damn flashy man. lol.

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