Just wanna show u the faces of the undefined.

All of us. =)

Co, Tin, Lyv.

Manusia2 cakep !

Toilet Shot !

My Best Friend. Caramel macchiato Hot, please ! =)

Another toilet shot. =p

It was just yesterday. I saw one of my girl tearing. What happened to u ? Maybe i am not the type that love to force someone or asked about the problem they have. I prefer to keep quiet, let them drown in their loneliness for a while, just for them to think clearer. But actually, i felt my heart broke into pieces when i saw her crying. I just couldn't stand it, curiously just ask her what happened. Maybe it was just to early to tell me. And i just let her be. Just to calm herself. I didn't force her anymore, but try to make her forgot about what she was thinking. i wouldn't know if it was successful or not. =p. But finally i saw her eyes glowing, curve on her lips, happily walked home with us. Feel kinda relieved, seriously. keep it up, girl. I know u can cope with the cruelty of life...

God Bless Us...


tinna chen said...

saii.. i love the toilet shows.. ahahhahaa

Olyvia ♥ said...

lol.. but dun make us look very identical with toilet LOL.

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