What a day !

18th October 2008. I had so many plan for this day. The day before, we went to Noodle Station (again) in Subang. This time, with some additional members. =). There were me, Ching, Sandy, Enrico, Tommy the Panda, Winson, Kenvin n last but not least Vincent. It was the first time for some of them in Noodle station, we ordered different dishes and i remembered Winson said , "im satisfied with mine..". LOL. U should ask me to go along anytime u intended. hahahahaha.

Actually, all of us were thinking of another breakfast trip the day after in a chinese restaurant called Imperial China. It serves dim sum in the morning until 1pm only. So that means we have to get up earlier than usual. LOL. Finally, only me, Ching, Sandy and Tommy decided to join. hahaha. When i reached there, it brought me back to when i were in my hometown. It's very cozy.. And the dim sum ? Oh dun ask about it. It was just delicious ! Im a big fans of dimsum. And this was satisfying .. hahahahah. Here are some pics of 'em. I will upload another pics after i get it from Sandy's cam. =)

Imperial China.

they are delicious !

Fried Dumpling, Bao, and Lotus Ball


Satisfied with our breakfast ! However still a long way to go through the day. a trip to kL was waiting for me. LOL. So many things happened on that day. First, the taxi driver who took us to kL. omg.. he was just over-talkative ! Hahaha. He even taught us how to negotiate with a taxi driver. OMG. Second, we saw a 'copet' been caught. And he is from Indonesia. actually i felt pity to the robber, not the victim. lol.. Because there might be some reasons that forced him to do such thing. But i also have to think from the victim's side. How if that happened to me ? Haiz.

oops, why i feel so miserable suddenly ? talking about what i feel to the robber ? okok. let's just switch the topic shall we ? =)

Anyway, u should try this when u go to pavilion, KL.
Thailand Spring Roll
It's located in Food Republic in Pavilion. =)

On our way home, we took rapid KL.. A guy hopped into the bus and just standing as usual. Suddenly he roar to the whole bus. Oh My Me. Amitofo... That's what i keep mumbling all the time. I don't know what happened but looked like 'something' got into his body or kinda stuff... I was afraid. Now i feel afraid even to talk about it. Hahahaha.

Feel kinda happy tho, coz i got what i was intended to buy.. After i reached home, guess where did i go ? We were planning to celebrate my manager's bday, but then we went to barcelona instead. hahaha.

uuh. tired. capek. chuan. lei. kinda long story to tell.

cya on my next post. =)


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