I miss those hectic days in the restaurant. Especially on holidays like Christmas or New Year eve. The restaurant manager would remind us like a week before the H-day, that we are going to get really, really crazy on that day. New menu of food and set meal which so-called "Christmas set meal" were arranged and the telephone were just ringing non stop from customers who'd like to make a reservation.

So here we are, this day has finally here. We were busy like hell, we took orders like crazy, kitchen were super hectic, and customers were just impatient. We served the food to tables flawlessly, yet we might broke some of the wine glasses when we were trying to put it panicly into a dishwasher.

Anyway, time is getting late, and the night is finally ended. So we flipped the "Open" sign to "Close" sign on the front door. There's only a few of us inside, with only a few bulbs on, sitting, having some midnight snack, chatted and laughed.

Life is all about experience. Not eternal, but it's about how you take it to what you always wanted to. Happiness, yes I think that's essential.


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