Told you, I suck at baking. I was trying to bake brownies cake. But.. Isn't brownies supposed to be brownish ? Why mine turned out to be darkish and bitterish? Lol. Nevermind, we learn from mistakes. I am sure I can do better next time. But today I cook crab and egg soup, and i think it is satisfying enough. :) I hope my family and friends will like it. Yes I cooked like a big bowl of it. So it should be enough for everybody. :)

Today is the last day of the year ! We can already mention tomorrow as "next year" lol. Time flies crazily. A lot of things going on through this 2011 year. I laughed. I smiled. I cried. I fell. I loved. None of us have a single clue of what will happen next year, but hey, let's just let it be. Isn't it better if it comes as a surprise? Well, I love surprises. :D

By the way, I am going to celebrate my New Year's Eve with my girls ! I'd like to spend NYE anywhere but on the road. I don't wanna stuck in a super crazy traffic jam on NYE. So not cool huh.

I hope tonight will be memorable.

i miss melbourne.


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