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I feel good when I have the time to update my blog. I know I ignored it for like a year already, but hey I am back ! Sometimes we don't exactly have the topic to write down here, but still I am trying to share something to the world :)

Well, let's talk about the thing we do everyday. I've ever seen a statement says,

I am afraid thay my daily activities become my permanent job.

Let's have a guess, what are they doing daily and caused them to state that? A guy is an office-employee, but actually he always wanted to be a painter. A woman, working as a cashier in a coffee-shop on the corner of the block, but she actually wishes to work under a clothing label.

Well, every single person has their own passion, and people often do something that they are not really into.

Let's talk real yes. I am currently working as an administration officer who handle everything related to car insurances. I can't say that I hate it, but neither do I love it. What my real passion is, well, I can't really tell, because I am not sure what my real passion is. I do sound pathetic. I do have hobbies, but I am still a small little girl :( I can change hobbies whenever I want lol. But, 2 hobbies I am really into since about 5 years ago, is cooking and capturing moments.

I love to cook so much ! My cooking is so far still acceptable to my family and friends. I love to bake as well ! But I cook better than I bake, I reckon. And the second thing I love is taking photos ! I own a DSLR camera, well not as sophisticated as the professional photographers', but it still works and satisfying. I remember I bought it after saving for quite a time by working part-time as a waiter back when I was in Malaysia. Proud? Yes. I am proud. :D

6 days a week, I stay in the office. Sitting in front of a notebook and started doing my job. But hey, I still have dinner time to cook, and Sundays to go and hunt for pictures ! I will never back down. I will never complain. My life has been fair so far, and so do the time I divided :)

This is the way I am going to ride this life. My very own fun way. ♥


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