Got this short, funny story from a friend:

A Japanese guy visit his friend in America. He saw a restaurant called "TGIF". Then he asked his American friend,

"What does TGIF stand for?"

"Oh, it stands for Thanks God It's Friday!"

The Japanese looks satisfied with the answer. One day, the American guy visited this Japanese friend in Japan, and actually the Japanese guy has run a new restaurant business. The restaurant is called "Oshima". And curiously the American guy asked the Japanese guy,

"Is there any special meaning of Oshima?"

"Of course. It actually stands for "Oh SHit It's Monday Again",
answered the Japanese guy, proudly.

Well, why do people care much when it is Monday or Friday? Monday comes after Sunday which is a so-called holiday, but it won't make any difference if there is a day off on Monday and you still have to come to work on Tuesday, right? So with Friday, people were thanking God, well I encourage that so very much, but I don't think we can only have fun on Friday night after work.. For some people, Saturday is still 'weekdays' and not 'weekend' and they still have to put their asses to work.

Well.. This post is my opinion. Just saying and sharing. For me, everyday is just the same. The thing that makes them different is how you face them in your very own way. And not to be forgotten, we should thank God everyday, no matter what day it is today. :)

love !



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