It's Christmas Eve !

Hi peeps !

I am still wondering when did I pause my blog. A year ago. I was in China for my further study. I blogged more when I was a student in Malaysia. Does it mean that I enjoyed more when I was in China until i have no time to update my blog at all? Lol that wasn't a question, but an answer to itself. Yes I did enjoy my life in China ! Long story to tell, yet not much time I own. Will tell the story on my next post, the next next post, or maybe the next next next post. :D

Btw it's xmas eve ! When will you guys spend your xmas eve?

Me myself? I am going to spend it in a bar, with a lot of friends ! I bet tonight will be a good night ! :)
Well, gotta go and get ready for tonight's party.

Cya love :*

ps/ Things we have to remember, we forget. Things we have to forget, we remember.


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